Rise of Kingdoms Alliance Mobilization Event Guide

Alliance Mobilization Event Guide

Alliance Mobilization is an event in Rise of Kingdoms where alliances compete against each other by completing various quests. There are a lot of rewards that you can get, but it all depends on how active your alliance is. When you go to the Alliance Mobilization event section, you will find a lot of different quests that you can choose and do for your alliance.

The problem is that half of the quests are pay-to-win, like purchasing four bundles. Quests that are free to play, like gathering a certain number of resources will be hard to get because most of your alliance members will want to take them, but only one person can do it. 

You will never win the top ranking If your alliance contains the majority of free-to-play players. Overall, it is a great event that is extremely easy to do and you can get some great rewards. Unfortunately, if your alliance does not have a decent amount of pay-to-win players you will struggle. Down below, you will find all the Alliance Mobilization rules which contain all the information that you need to understand how the event works. 

Alliance Mobilization Event Rules

Alliance Mobilization Event Rules


  • Once the registration phase starts, alliance leaders and titled officers can sign up for this event.
  • Each alliance must have at least 30 and up to 150 participants to take part. The list of participants cannot be changed after signing up.


  • To take part in this event, you must have joined your current alliance and reached city hall level 16 before your alliance signed up for the event.
  • Each governor can only be selected to participate in the current event by alliance.

Competition Rules

  • The system will randomly group alliances in the same league for the event.
  • During the competition, your alliance’s participating members can accept event quests for the alliance. They can complete and turn in the quests to receive points.
  • Your alliance can have up to 40 quests at a time, and each participant can only accept 1 quest at a time. During the competition, each participant will have up to 10 free quest attempts (required to accept quest) and can purchase 1 more with Gems.
  • When your alliance’s total points reach certain thresholds, its event level will be increased. During the rewards phase, you can choose level of rewards to receive based on your alliance’s event level.
  • After the competition, your alliance will be ranked within its group by total points.

Other Rules

  • You can only accept quests, increase quest progress, turn in quests, and claim alliance-level rewards in the alliance that signed you up for the event.
  • Only alliance leaders or officers participating in the event can refresh unaccepted quests.
  • You must complete and turn in an alliance quest within a certain time limit after accepting it, otherwise it will be regarded as a failed quest. You can also choose to manually abandon an uncompleted quest, which will also be considered a failed quest.
  • If you fail a quest, the quest attempt you used will not be refunded.
  • After each alliance quest, whether it’s completed and turned in, refreshed by the alliance leader/officers, or failed, you will need to wait 15 minutes for a new one.

Event League

  • The event is divided into 5 leagues: Fearless Bronze, Dazzling Silver, Brave Gold, Immortal Diamond, and Supreme Suzerain.
  • Your alliance will be placed in the Fearless Bronze league the first time it takes part in the Alliance Mobilization event. You can be promoted, relegated, or remain in the same league based on your ranking within your group after the competition. The number of alliances promoted or relegated in each group depends on the league.
  • Please note that if your alliance has a total score of 0 at the end of the competition, you will immediately be relegated to a lower league.
  • The higher your alliance’s league, the more difficult the quests will be, and the more points you will earn for completing them. In addition, your alliance’s event level cap will be increased in higher leagues.

Alliance Mobilization Event Rewards

Alliance Mobilization Event Rewards
  • During the competition, you can earn points by completing and turning in quests. Once your alliance’s total points reaches certain thresholds, its event level will be increased.
  • The end of the competition will be followed by a rewards phase. During this time, you can claim level rewards depending on your alliance’s event level. You can choose 1 of the 3 rewards for each level.
  • The higher your alliance’s league, the better the rewards for each level.
  • During the rewards phase, you can only claim rewards for the alliance that signed you up for the event. Any rewards you fail to claim in time will be lost.

Alliance Ranking Rewards

Alliance Ranking Rewards
  • After the competition phase, members of the top 5 alliances with the highest alliance event level in their respective leagues will receive an alliance ranking reward (alliance level 6 is required for alliances in the Fearless Bronze league).

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