Season of Conquest Crystal Tech Changes in Rise of Kingdoms

Season of Conquest Crystal Tech Changes in Rise of Kingdoms

In the upcoming Season of Conquest Stories update for Rise of Kingdoms, the Crystal technologies will undergo some brand new changes. During the Season of Conquest KVK, these changes will make it possible for players to acquire more crystals, which can then be used to upgrade crystals technology. All Season of Conquest Stories that were registered after the 25th of July’s midnight UTC will have the Update applied to them.

Season of Conquest Crystal technology “Plunder” Change

The description for the Season of Conquest Crystal technology “Plunder” now reads as follows: “Increases Crystals earned from defeating barbarian patrols and Barbarian Forts in Lost Kingdom”(Formerly “Increases Crystals earned from defeating Kahar the Hidden)

New Crystal technologies

The Crystal technology “First Aid” has been removed. New Crystal technologies: Karaku’s Gift: Increases the acquisition speed of Crystals during the Trial of Kau Karuak event. Surprise Strike: Increases damage dealt to enemy garrisons/rallied armies by troops on the map during the Lost Kingdom.

Other changes

The unlock order for Crystal technologies has been fine-tuned. Please take note of the change once it has come online. After the next version update (vl.O.60), we also will be increasing the number of Crystals dropped by Kahar the Hidden upon defeat in all Season of Conquest Stories.

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