Wafura Talent Tree Build and Guide

Wafura Talent Tree Build and Guide


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Wafura Guide

Wafura is one of the first commanders with an Engineering talent tree, specializing in siege units and the Arrow Tower. When you enter Heroic Anthem KVK in Rise, Wafura will be automatically upgraded to Max level and skills. Wafura’s sole purpose is to construct an arrow tower and remain within it. Because all of his skills and talent tree are for Arrow Tower, using him in the field will be devastating.

Remember that you can only construct arrow towers with him and Torgny. You cannot construct a tower with other commanders. Also, only bring siege units to Arrow Tower to receive all bonuses from the skill and talent tree.

Wafura Talent Tree Build

Wafura Talent Tree Build

Wafura pairings

Torgny and Wafura are best paired because they are both designed for building Arrow Towers and have excellent synergy. The problem is that if you pair them together, you can only build one tower, whereas if you split them, you can build two. If you intend to split them, you can pair them with commanders who have excellent bonuses for siege units. Remember that Wafura must be the primary commander in order to construct arrow Towers and because of his talent tree…

Wafura Skills

Tainted Blades

Deals ranged skill damage to the current target (Damage Factor 1500) This damage can only slightly wound units. Can only be used while in an Arrow Tower.

Upgrade Preview:
Ranged Direct Damage Factor: 1500/ 1600/ 1700/ 1800 / 2000

Target Practice

Increases Attack of Wafuras siege units by 5% and their March Seed by 10% All Wafuras deal 5% more ranged attack damage,

Upgrade Preview:
Ranged Normal Attack Damage: 5%/ 8%/ 11%/ 15%/ 20%

Thrill of the Hunt

Increases counterattack damage dealt by Wafura’s troops by 10%. There is a 10% chance to increase normal attack damage by 10% when hit with a normal attack. This effect triggers once every 5 seconds.

Upgrade Preview:
Counterattack Damage Bonus: 10% / 15% / 20%/ 25% / 30%

Furious Volley

Increases Defense of Wafura’s siege units by 5%. 10% chance to decrease the target’s Attack by 10% when launching a ranged normal attack. This effect triggers once every 5 seconds.

Upgrade Preview:
Siege unit Defense Bonus: 5%/ 8%/ 11%/ 15%/ 20%

Call Of The Wild

New Skill- Reduces of severely wounded units by 25% while in an Arrow Tower.

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