Iconic Crystals Guide and Priorities

Iconic Crystals Guide

Iconic crystals are items that can be used to increase the power of legendary equipment. When you enchant your legendary equipment with Iconic crystals, the stats of your units will improve. They will not increase your stats by a percentage, but they will provide you with unit stats.

You should prioritize getting iconic crystals regardless of whether you are a pay to win, free-to-play, or new player.

As far as we know, you can only obtain a maximum of six iconic crystals. You can obtain four of them from the Artisan Forge event, one from Crystal Quest, and one from Lost Canyon Shop.

Artisan Forge currently offers four iconic crystals. We don’t know will this event return to Rise Of Kingdoms, but while the Artisan Forge Event is still running, you should prioritize obtaining Iconic Crystals.

How many stats will you gain from iconic crystals?

Each iconic crystal will grant you bonus stats, but if your legendary equipment contains a special talent, it will grant you an additional bonus stat.

The number of stats you will receive is determined by the season you are in.
Season 1-2 will give you 1, season 3 will give you 2, and season of conquest will give you 3.

Iconic crystals equipment priority

Iconic crystals equipment priority

Giving Iconic crystals to accessories should be your first priority because they will increase the health stats of all units.

When you upgrade your accessories with Iconic crystals, you should begin upgrading other equipment that has an attack on it because there are many modifiers in Rise of Kingdoms that boost attack, so you will benefit the most if you invest Iconic crystals in weapon and glove after you upgrade your accessories.

Additional Information

  • Outside of “Trial of the Lost Kingdom”, all Legendary equipment can be made into Iconic equipment.
  • Iconic equipment confers extra buffs to units’ base attributes. Units’ base attributes are Troop Base Attack, Defense, and Health. Check the troop training screen for more details.
  • Iconic attributes will automatically change on which season Of Lost Kingdom your Kingdom is in. These changes are grouped into Seasons 1-2, Season 3, and Season of Conquest. When entering a new season or migrating into another season, Iconic attributes will automatically change. Tap the Equipment screen for details about seasonal attributes.
  • After being refined, the equipment gains a special talent, and its Iconic attributes are increased by 30%.
  • You must spend Iconic Crystals and Gold to create Iconic equipment.
  • Equipment has a 100% chance of gaining Iconic status. However, once your equipment has gained Iconic status, it cannot be removed and any materials cannot be refunded.
  • Dismantling Iconic equipment will not grant Iconic materials.
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