Rise of Kingdoms Troop Capacity and March Queue Guide

Rise of Kingdoms Troop Capacity and March Queue Guide 

March queue and troop capacity are two of the most important things to know how to increase in Rise Of Kingdoms, whether you are a new or experienced player.

You will be able to gather more resources, be stronger in battle, destroy barbarians faster, and so on by increasing your troop capacity and march queue. Basically, troop capacity and march queue will speed up all of your daily tasks in Rise Of Kingdoms.

March Queue

In Rise of Kingdoms, the march queue is the number of marchers that you can use at the same time. It is also referred to as troop dispatch. The march queue is important because it allows you to gather more resources, join more rallies, defend objectives, and so on. When you first start your Rise Of Kingdoms account, you will only have one march queue, but as you progress, you will be able to unlock all five march queues.

To gain access to the march queues in Rise Of Kingdoms, you must first upgrade your city hall. That is why it is critical to upgrade city hall as much as possible because every march queue will speed up your growth.

The levels of City Hall that will provide you with a march queue are as follows:

  • City Hall Level 5: 2nd march queue slot unlocked
  • City Hall Level 11: 3rd march queue slot unlocked
  • City Hall Level 17: 4th march queue slot unlocked
  • City Hall Level 22: 5th march queue slot unlocked 

Troop Capacity

Troop Capacity items

Troop Capacity is the number of troops that your commander can lead in Rise Of Kingdoms. Troop Capacity is not important if you are a new player, but it will play a significant role in the endgame of Rise Of Kingdoms. Knowing how to boost your troop capacity is essential for fighting, rallying, and defending objectives.

You can increase the capacity of your troops by upgrading your city hall, using capacity-boosting items, leveling up commanders, and utilizing commander skills.

City Hall- As you already know, the city hall is the most important building in Rise of Kingdoms, and it is a building that will give you more troop capacity as you upgrade it.

Commander levels– each time you upgrade your commander star level you will increase the number of troops it can have.

Commander skills– There are commanders in Rise Of Kingdoms who have special abilities that will increase your march capacity. Mehmed, Caesar, Fredric, Ragnar, Scipio, Queen Tamar, Barca, and Osman are among the commanders who are increasing their march capacity. Remember that secondary commanders’ skills are also being used, so your primary commander will increase troop capacity with skill, and the secondary commander will also increase troop capacity.

Troop Capacity items– There are two types of Troop Capacity in Rise Of Kingdoms. One will increase your troop’s capacity by 25%, while the other will increase it by 50%. Every other week during MGE events, you can obtain 25% Troop Capacity items, while 50% Troop Capacity items are rarely part of event rewards, but you can purchase them in Courier Station for a discounted price.

VIPVIP levels will also increase troop capacity buff, but getting to the VIP level that will give you Troop Capacity is difficult. Your main goal is to reach VIP level 14 as soon as possible so that you can receive a 5% bonus capacity and 3 legendary commander sculptures per day.

Crystal technology– You will be able to increase your march capacity even further during the KVK event in Rise Of Kingdoms. However, in order to do so, you will need to spend money.

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