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Alexander Nevsky Guide

Alexander Nevsky is the most powerful legendary cavalry commander in Rise Of Kingdoms, providing an insane amount of nuke and survivability. The talent tree of Alexander Nevsky is excellent, but you do not require it because he is the commander you will use as secondary commander the majority of the time, and we all know that the secondary commander’s talent tree does not work.

This is a comprehensive guide that is suitable for both free-to-play and pay-to-win players. Here you will learn everything there is to know about Alexander Nevsky’s abilities, talent tree build, how to use him, and whether he is worth investing in. Alexander Nevsky is one of the ROK’s most powerful commanders, with maximum ratings on the ROK Tier list.

Currently, Alexander Nevsky can only be obtained through a wheel of fortune, and he requires 680 sculptures to max out. You will not be able to obtain enough Alexander Nevsky sculptures from the wheel of fortune, so you must use universal sculptures. It is totally worthwhile.

Do not forget to redeem all Rise of Kingdoms Redeem Codes. They can contain gems that you can use for a wheel of fortune.

Is Alexander Nevsky a good commander and worth investing in?

Alexander Nevsky is a commander you’ll use frequently, especially if you prefer cavalry units. You’ll use him for 1v1 battles, big fights in KVK and AOO, rallying, and even defending buildings. Not only can you use him for all of this, but he will also win nearly every 1v1 fight and rally.

What’s great about Alexander Nevsky is that he’ll most likely be used for the next two years because he’s stronger than every cavalry commander in ROK.

So, yes, Alexander Nevsky is a good commander to have, and it is worthwhile to invest as much as possible in him. You’ll be using him for almost everything.

When it comes to free-to-play players, you must be cautious about how you invest in commanders because legendary stars and legendary sculptures are difficult to obtain. You want to get the most return on investment, and Alexander Nevsky is a commander who will definitely give you that.

How to use Alexander Nevsky for PVP

lexander Nevsky is a powerful cavalry commander who can deal lethal nuke damage, so most players will try to take him out when they see him on the field. To counter this, you intend to cover up him as a secondary commander. When Alexander Nevsky is assigned as secondary commander, he will be difficult to detect, and his skills will function more effectively. But you do not have to be too scared about getting focused on field battles simply because Alexander Nevsky will do even more damage and will get more survivability.

When it comes to rallying, you should use him as a secondary commander and only cavalry units. Also, do not be alarmed if Alexander Nevsky is swarmed during a rally; he will deal more damage. Only when players send commanders with debuff skills to reduce rage and reduce skill damage should you be cautious. Also, when swarming Alexander Nevsky, make sure you don’t send only one march; it won’t do much and will only make things worse because it will activate Alexander Nevsky’s swarm skills.

William is a commander who will counter Nevsky, so always send one William to attack the Alexander Nevsky rally, or if you are sending the Alexander Nevsky rally, you should destroy every troop with Willam.

Alexander Nevsky Talent Tree Build

When it comes to Alexander Nevsky’s talent tree, skill damage is crucial. All of Alexander Nevsky’s skills are focused on skill damage, so you should boost them as well as rage generation to allow him to use his skill more frequently.

But to get most of his skills it is best to use Alexander Nevsky as secondary commander so you basically do not need to level up him on max level because the secondary commander’s talent tree does not work.

If you want to use Alexander Nevsky as your primary commander, you must max him, and the talent tree build we recommend is ideal for him. It will increase your skill damage and rage generation significantly, allowing him to use his skills more frequently.

Alexander Nevsky Talent Tree Build

Alexander Nevsky Pairings

When it comes to pairing, you’ll need powerful commanders who can help Nevsky.
Rallying’s best pairings are Xiang Yu + Nevsky and Chandragupta + Nevsky.

When it comes to field combat, you can use any cavalry commander to increase Nevsky’s damage or bring more survivability. Nevsky can be used with Cao Cao or Minamoto, but they must have relics.

XiangXiang Yu

Xiang Yu is already a strong commander, and when combined with Alexander Nevsky, it will be the most powerful rallying pairing. Xiang Yu will increase Nevsky’s skill damage and debuff targets, and he also has a great talent tree that Nevsky will benefit from.


You can also use Chandragupta and Nevsky as rallying pairs. Chandragupta will increase survivability through a health bonus and reduce target defense, whereas Nevsky will do all of the nuking damage.

Minamoto Minamoto

It may seem strange to recommend Minamoto with Nevsky, but with the recent update that boosted Minamoto with relics, this is an excellent field fighting pair. Minamoto will provide useful skill damage as well as bonus stats from skills and museum relics.

Cao Cao Cao Cao

Cao Cao and Nevsky are also good pairings to try if your Cao Cao has relics. Cao Cao will also bring a lot of attack boosts. What’s unusual about this pair is that you can use them to increase mobility speed because Nevsky has skills that grant him extra mobility.

Alexander Nevsky Skills

hero-of-peipus skill Hero of Peipus

Active Skill
Deals direct damage to the target (Damage Factor 2300) and reduces their defense by (15x number of enemies surrounding the target) % for the next 3 seconds. The number of surrounding enemies that can be factored intro this bonus damage calculation has an upper limit of 3.

Troop Defense Decreases (per stack): 5% /7% /9% /12%/ 15%
Direct Damage Factor: 1500/ 1700/ 1900/ 2100/ 2300

This skill is insane. It will deal 2300 damage, which is massive, and on top of that, your enemy’s defense will be reduced by 15%, and if three enemy troops are involved, the reduction will be 45 %, which is also insane.

expeditionary skill Expeditionary

Passive Skill
Cavalry units led by this commander gain 20% increased attack and 20% increased march speed. They also gain 20% increased health outside of alliance territory.

Cavalry Attack Bonus: 10% 12/% 14/% 16/% 20/%
Cavalry March Speed: 10% 12/% 14/% 16/% 20/%
Cavalry Health Bonus: 10% 12/% 14/% 16/% 20/%

The amount of stats that this passive skill provides is insane. If you fight outside alliance territory, you will receive 60% stats in total.

knight-of-iron skill Knight of Iron

Passive Skill
When troops led by this commander consist only of cavalry, skill damage is increased by 25%, skill damage is increased by an extra 25% for 4 seconds upon casting an active skill. This effect can be trigger at most one every 5 seconds.

Skill Damage Bonus: 5% 10/% 15/% 20/% 25/%
Triggered Skill Damage Bonus: 15% 20/% 25/% 30/% 35/%

If you only use cavalry units with Alexander Nevsky, your skill damage will be increased by 25%, and when he uses active skill, you will receive an additional 35% skill damage.

guard-of-the-republic skill Guardian of the Republic

Cavalry units lead by this commander gain 20% increased defense. Troops lead by this commander deal 10% increased damage, and take 5% reduced damage from surrounded targets.

Cavalry Defense Bonus: 10% 12/% 14/% 16/% 20/%
Damage Bonus: 2% 4/% 6/% 8/% 10/%
Damage Taken Reduced By 1% 2/% 3/% 4/% 5/%

This skill is also excellent, and it will help Alexander Nevsky survive. Excellent for open fields and rallying.

winters-storm Winter’s Storm

New Skill
Troops led by this deal 5% increased normal attack damage, and gain a 10% chance to increase the health of the cavalry units by 30% for 3 seconds when attacked. This effect can be triggered at most once every 5 seconds.

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