The Museum Building Guide ROK

The Museum Building Guide ROK

After the Season of Conquest has begun, Governors can build a new structure in their cities: the Museum.

The Museum has a total of 14 Exhibits, each belonging to a Legendary Commander. Governors can unlock Exhibits using Exhibit Coins and buy Relics using Relic Coins to provide Commanders with powerful buffs. The first batch of Commander Exhibits in the Museum are Cao Cao, Minamoto no Yoshitsune, Aethelflaed, Hannibal Barca, Richard l, Charles Martel, El Cid, Yi Seong-Gye, Mulan, Ragnar Lodbrok, Mehmed II, Frederick, Julius Caesar, and Charlemagne.

When you unlock Exhibits price of other Exhibits will be increased so you have to be extremely careful what you are unlocking.

During Season Of Conquest, Governors from different kingdoms will Own different Commanders, resulting in an imbalance of Commander Power among Governors that is why they implemented this great system to bring together commanders back to action.

With the museum, we will see new and unique Rise of Kingdoms pairings that we have never seen before.

Lilith said that the museum will only work in Season of Conquests and that you will not lose your progress when your KVK ends. You will get all your progress back in the next KVK.

Museum Commander Buffs

Commander Buff
Aethelflaed Troops Attack +15%
March Speed +10%
Caesar All Damage +10%
March Speed +10%
Frederick Troops Attack +25%
Skill Dmg Reduction +10%
Yi Seong-GyeArcher Defense +10%
Skill Damage +3%
Cao CaoCavalry health +20%
Damage Factor +200
Richard Infantry March Speed +10%
Counter Damage + 3%
Minamoto Cavalry Defense +20%
Cavalry Attack +25%
Charles Martel Infantry Attack +25%
Infantry Defense +5%
El Cid Archer Attack +10%
Damage Factor +150
Hannibal Barca Troops Attack +25%
Normal ATK DMG Reduction +5%
Mehmed Troops Health +20%
Skill Damage +5%
Mulan Troops Health +10%
Skill DMG Reduction +10%
Charlemagne Troops Attack +30%
Damage Factor +300
Ragnar Troops Defense +20%
Normal ATK DMG Reduction +10%

How to get Exhibit Coins and Relic Coins

Civilization Explorer
Civilization Explorer

At the moment, we only know 2 ways to obtain Exhibit Coins and Relic Coins, and that is through Civilization Explorer and with bundle called Echoes Of History.

Civilization Explorer

Civilization Explorer is similar to Lucerne Scrolls. You must complete quests to earn points. The points you earn will help you get points in Civilization Explorer. As you progress through the levels, you will receive rewards such as Exhibit Coins and Relic Coins.

As always there will be a PAY TO WIN option. Civilization Explorer is divided into two sections. One part is free, while the other requires a ten-dollar investment to unlock.

Echoes Of History

As we all could predict there will be a bundle and that bundle is called Echoes Of History. This is getting out of control. There are more and more pay to win options available. Hopefully rok will chill out and start focusing on getting game player friendly and stop focusing on money.

Anyways bundle Echoes Of History will give you Exhibit Coins and Relic Coins that you will use in museum to get commander relics.

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ROK Museum

Museum Rules

  1. The Museum will be unlocked at the start of the Season of Conquest. Unlock Exhibits in the Museum to purchase Relics to activate bonuses for certain commanders.
  2. Use Exhibit Coins to unlock Exhibit slots, which will increase in price as you unlock more and more slots (except for Aethelflaed’ s Exhibit).
  3. Aethelflaed’ s Exhibit is unlocked at no charge and cannot removed.
  4. Salvage an Exhibit to recover 70 Exhibit Coins, but this will relock the Exhibit and remove the Relic Bonus.
  5. You can exchange Relic Coins for Relics.
  6. Relics will give certain commanders a special boost provided that commander’ s Exhibit is also
  7. Relic Bonuses and the Museum will not be available outside the Season of Conquest.

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    1. You do not have to, they will be automatically added when you get them. You can check out the battel report stats and you will be able to see relic under commander skills.

    1. You will be able to unlock all commander relics just it will take some time and effort. I am currently on 4 relics without spending.

      1. I only see 80 relic coins available in the civilization explorer quest. How are you unlocking 4 commanders for free?

        Can you list the prices at each level (how much does it go up per unlocked relic). The first commander after aethelflad is 70 coins and 900 coins.

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