Commander Sculptures Requirements And Guide

Rise of Kingdoms Sculptures Guide And Requirements

Sculptures in Rise Of Kingdoms are used for upgrading commander skills. We have legendary, epic, advanced and elite commander sculptures. Sculptures are divided also into universal commander sculptures and specific commander sculptures. Commander sculptures can be obtained with completing events, tasks, quests, opening chests, etc. 

Sculptures are very important and you want to get as many as you can, especially legendary sculptures. To summon commander you will need to have 10 commander sculptures and after that, you can start leveling your commander.

But before you start leveling your commander I would recommend that you upgrade the first skill to level 5. Almost every commander, the first skill is the strongest and most important, especially on the legendary commander.

It is not so hard to get Advanced, Elite, and Epic sculptures, and you will have a lot of them but getting Legendary commander sculptures is the hardest thing in the Rise Of Kingdoms.

Commander Sculpture Requirements

Skill Points Legendary EpicEliteAdvanced
110 10 10 10
210 10 10 10
31510 10 10
4152010 10
53020 10 10
63020 2010
74020 2010
84030 2010
945 30 2010
1045 30 2020
115030 3020
Rise Of Kingdoms Sculptures exchange

The total sculptures that you need for upgrading a legendary commander is 690 legendary commander sculptures. As you can see that most commander sculpture’s requirements are for a legendary commander. That is why maxing legendary commander is the hardest thing in Rise Of Kingdoms so focus on one best ROK commander.

Legendary Commander sculptures

Rise Of Kingdoms Sculptures

You will need 690 legendary commander sculptures to max out legendary commander. Legendary sculptures of commanders are somewhat difficult to find when you don’t have enough knowledge about them or Rise in Kingdoms. Typically, the methods and events that are used to bind them together are only a few.

If you spend low and prefer to play freely, you can look for updates. All the events run as per updates, and you can therefore select a legendary commander sculpture. You have an alternate option of going to the VIP chest if you are high enough on levels in Rise of Kingdoms.

You get to invest 2000 gems to get 1 legendary commander sculptures every week. In total you can buy 20 sculptures. However, it is too expensive, and it won’t be wise to spend as many gems for your legendary commander sculptures. To get additional gems so you can invest them in Sculpture you can use Rise Of Kingdoms Redeem Codes.

That is why we are here to help you out in the process of getting legendary commander sculptures based on different categories of events. Read on to learn the details of the different methods to get legendary commander sculptures for events in Rise of Kingdoms.

Universal legendary sculpture – There are a lot of places to get universal legendary sculpture and you need to plan and get as much as you can. Every legendary sculpture is important. You can get them with VIP10+, Ark of Osiris, KVK, Events like More Than Gems, etc.

Specific legendary sculptures – are easier to get but the problem with them is you can not focus on one commander because they are random. You can obtain specific legendary sculptures in Event Mightiest Governor, Expedition shop, Special Privilege Chests, Daily Special Offer, in Gold Chests, etc.

One more tip is when you summon a legendary commander you will be able to buy a cheap bundle where you can get 10 universal commander sculptures. In that bundle, you get great value for a low amount of money.

How To Get Legendary Commander Sculptures

The Mighty Governor Event

The Mighty Governor Event is a competitive event in the series of events in Rise of Kingdoms. Any average player will be overwhelmed with the choices to be made in this. Therefore, a player who is advanced in his training and has spent many points and powers for troops is eligible for competing in the Mighty Governor Event.

Only the big spenders can rule in this event. If you are one of the big shots, you can go for this event and win the opportunity to acquire more legendary commander sculptures. The event will be owned by training troops and the combat portion of the event.

Regular Events

Regular events are more or less the ones that you get to encounter every day. Will it be possible to spend huge amounts to get commander sculptures every day? No, not at all. Spending is only necessary when it is worth the outcome in the game of Rise of Kingdoms.

The first and foremost ground of choosing to get the legendary sculptures can be by hitting the daily chests. The primary base to decide the type of legendary commanders for you at this level is your VIP. The daily chest has to offer many legendary commander sculptures for you to select among them.

The threshold of value for every player to get these legendary commander sculptures will be received at Level 10 of VIP. At Level 10 of VIP, you receive some benefits on your part. And as you move up the levels, the benefits increase and change accordingly.

  • You get one legendary commander every day, which is a big plus.
  • A gold key is also added to your chest that can help get some legendary commander sculptures.
  • At VIP 12, you get to have two legendary commanders every day.
  • VIP 14 allows you to have three legendary commander sculptures every single day.

Apart from the VIPs, you can complete your daily quests in the game. Daily quests are important for you because completing them can reward you with more opportunities to hit up some legendary commander sculptures.

As you complete your daily quests, you get a gold key that can add up to the chances of having more legendary commander sculptures.

Events for Building, Research, or Training

These are the regular types of events that a lower-tier spender or a free-to-play player should be more comfortable to play with. The reason is straightforward. These events are low profile and pose higher chances of winning. 

Therefore, players should hunt more in these events to win more legendary commander sculptures and level up high.

In these events, you have the options to empower or acquire speedups in ranks that help you acquire 20 legendary commander sculptures. However, you should know that all of these events, besides the Mighty Governor Event, you get to have disproportionate rewards.


  • Rank 1: 20 legendary commander sculptures
  • Rank 2: 10 legendary commander sculptures

And the rewards decrease consistently.

You should that your target is to win the first rank in these events. Even if you are doing well, bear in mind that other players would use speedups and other tactics to win your place and bump you to a lower rank. You should, however, win your place so that you get to encounter the maximum output of the game.


It is that type of event where you need to train troops to win rewards. One advantage of playing this event is that you can train Tier 2 troops that are easy to train and receive the maximum rewards. Additionally, you get gold keys for the same that lead you to your legendary commander sculptures.

Choosing the Tier 2 troops to train is a wise choice for they are easier and faster to train without any speedups. This way, you can hit the minimum number of troops trained and get the maximum number of rewards.

Ark of Osiris

The Ark of Osiris is a regular event that backs you up with more chances to win up to 10 legendary commander sculptures every two weeks. But for the same, you have to participate with your alliance and get invited to it.

If you are on the winning scale on this one, you can call it a “legendary commander sculpture week.” It is, therefore, important to get involved with this event if you want to increase your chances of winning more sculptures.

You have to, however, cross over some thresholds to win more value in this event. Nevertheless, you have to win certain amounts of points to win a good number of sculptures. If you’re scoring three to five thousand points, you will win only three sculptures on losing. And you’d get four to five sculptures if you’re winning. 

Expedition Stores

Sometimes, you get to have sculptures in the expedition stores as well. Only occasionally do they show up in the expedition store. They show up for 2,500 medals. That is why it is best to maintain about 10,000 medals so that you can pick up sculptures from the expedition store if they ever show up.

These are not similar to the universals, but they come as specific sculptures. However, they can be similar to the gold key legendary commander sculptures. 

Wheel of Fortune and Card King

These are two great events to increase your chances of getting more legendary commander sculptures. You get the options of Universal Wheel, Specific Wheel, and Card King.

The universal and specific wheel of fortune in Rise Of Kingdoms are excellent ways of winning legendary commander sculptures. The more you spin the wheel, the higher are your chances of winning big. However, if you don’t have enough gems for it, not to worry; you have the Card King event as well or you can use Rise of Kingdoms Peerless Scholar answers list that will help you to get gems from Lyceum of Wisdom.

Try to score at least a ten for the wheels to level up your points with the 5x speedup. This way, you can win it faster. Additionally, the Card King lets you choose a specific legendary commander sculpture of your choice.

So, if you had been missing out on any sculpture, you wanted earlier, this is the time to go, get it. Overall, this is a good way of getting legendary commander sculptures compared to the VIP cases.

Infrequent Events

These are the events that pop up roughly once a month. You get to choose between individual and Alliance games in this event. The first comes to the Karak Ceremony.

Karak Ceremony

If you look up the events calendar, you’d see the Karak ceremony. You get to win up to 10 commander sculptures in a single round of this category in these events. It would be best to use actual point potions to complete this ceremony and ensure that your alliance is scheduled with its members.

Arms Master Training

You get to get about 20 legendary commander sculptures. Although it is a new event in Rise of Kingdoms, it is gaining much popularity for its benefits. The top 10 rank holders get to have eight legendary commander sculptures. The mega spenders have better chances of winning here.

Race Against Time

This is primarily for the bigger spenders as they’d have some high-power marches in the event. The rewards steeply reduce down the slope. Free-to-play players should aim for other events than this one to have a better ground of chances.

Other infrequent events involve more gems and more challenging quests with legendary commander sculptures and other additional rewards. The list of events is mentioned below.

  • Events for Barb and Bark for Killing
  • Silk Road 
  • More Than Gems
  • Recharge Events

Seasonal Events

These events come once every year and bring you big offers and opportunities for winning rewards, points, and selecting legendary commander sculptures of your choices. It involves a series of quests you need to complete, and different challenges come up your way.

You should, however, know that all of the seasonal events are valid with terms and conditions that apply. This means that you need to fulfill some demands of the challenge to win a particular sculpture. The list of seasonal events is mentioned here.

  • Kingdom Vs Kingdom
  • Ark of Osiris
  • Holiday Events

Spending on Bundles

Now, these are the shortcut ways to get commander sculptures. You get to choose from several bundles that come with various rewards and the chance to win legendary commander sculptures. Like seasonal events, you also have terms and conditions for buying these bundles. However, the mega spenders will be well-versed with these bundles than the free-to-play or low-tier spenders.

Here are the bundles that you can buy for legendary commander sculptures.

  • Writer of History
  • Living Legend
  • Daily Special Offer
  • Holiday Bundles

Final Words

Now that you have reached the end of this page, you know how to get legendary commander sculptures from events in Rise of Kingdoms. The regular events give you more access to acquire the same, so you should focus on these events. However, bear in mind to earn the benefits of the seasonal and infrequent events as well.

As far as the bundles are concerned, only the big spenders would be doing a great job going for it.

Epic sculptures

Universal and specific epic sculpture- well they are easy to get and you will have a lot of them that you will not use. But if you are a new player it’s very important that you get as much as you can so you can upgrade all your epic commanders.

There are so many places where you can get them. Almost every event will have them. You can get epic sculptures in gold and silver keys, VIP 8+, Expedition shop, with completing Daily Quests, etc. 

I could add more places but I am telling you that almost every event will have them. So do not worry about maxing epic, focus on legendary commanders.

Advanced and Elite sculptures

Advanced and Elite sculptures are not that important because advance and elite commanders are bad. The only commanders that you need from the elite and advanced are gathering commanders. 

The rest of the commanders are so bad that they are not worthy of your time. Focus on getting epic and legendary sculptures. 

You can obtain Advanced and Elite sculptures with silver keys and with some beginner quests and with low-level VIP. Also, you can get some in the expedition shop.

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