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Alliance territory is a combination of a fortress, flags, and holy sites. Having territory you will have more space in alliance for members, more territory for teleporting, more resources production, and resource earnings.

With building alliance buildings, you will be able to receive 20k silver coins that you can spend in the alliance shop.

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Alliance Flags

Alliance Flags can be used in Rise Of Kingdoms for expanding territory. Every alliance can build up to 500 flags. Every 10 flags built, the cost of flags will be increased and will add one free space for members in the alliance.

 Having a lot of flags will increase your space in the alliance, alliance resources production, and resources earning.

Alliance flags must be built on the border of existing alliance territory. To start with building flags you must build one fort then you can start building alliance flags from the fort. You can’t build an alliance flag on another alliance territory.

  1. Alliance flags can be used to expand alliance territory.
  2. When alliance members gather in alliance territory, gathering speed is increased by 25%.
  3. When Alliance members collect from resource points in their alliance’s territory, the system will automatically add some additional resources to the alliance storehouse.
  4. Only alliance members can move their city into alliance territory.
  5. When battling for alliance flags, 50% of severely wounded defending troops will be sent to their respective cities’ hospitals. The other 50% will die.

Alliance Flag Cost

Alliance flag cost will be increased with every 10 flags that you build. When you get past 400 alliance flags, the cost to build a flag will be 375k alliance credits, 750k gold, 1.5M food, 1.5M wood and 1.1M of stone. So having alliance resources production is key to building more flags.

Attacking Alliance Flags

Attacking alliance flags can be only possible if your flag and enemy flag are connected. It can be attacked with marches or with a rally. Troops that are attacking or defending flags will have 50% dead and 50 severely wounded troops after a fight. A leader or titled r4 can choose what commander will be a leader in flags.

Destroying Alliance Flag

When you launch an attack on a flag and if it’s successful the flag will start burning. If the flag keeps burning it will lose durability. When durability gets on 0% flag will be destroyed. If you successfully attack the flag that is building it will be destroyed immediately.

Alliance Fortress

Alliance Fortresses in ROK are the most important buildings. Without them, you can not expand your territory and get more members. 

To build for you must have 20+ members and 500k power. The first fortress that the alliance can build is the Central fortress.

If you do not build a central Fortress you can’t build flags. To build a fortress in kvk you must delete forts in your main kingdom.

Alliance Fortresses/Flags have their own territory. When alliance members gather in alliance territory, gathering speed increases by 25%. 

When Alliance members collect from resource points in their alliance’s territory, the system will automatically add some additional resources to the alliance storehouse. 

Only alliance members can move their city into an alliance territory. 

Regular alliance fortresses are similar in function to alliance center fortresses in that they can be built as starting points for new alliance territory. 

In the battle Of the alliance fortress, 50% Of severely wounded defending troops will be sent to their respective cities’ hospitals. However, all severely wounded units of the attackers will be dead.

Cost Of Alliance Fortress:
Fortress Center FortressAlliance Fortress 1Alliance Fortress 2
Gold0900,000 1.8M

Alliance Resources Center

Every alliance can build one resource center on alliance territory in ROK. Alliance can build

  • Alliance Granary
  •  Alliance Wood Lot
  • Alliance Stone Pit
  •  Alliance mother Lode

Troops that are gathering in the Resources center can not be attacked.

Alliance mother Lode can be used to earn high points in the Mightiest governor event.

Alliance Resources Center Points

In Rise Of Kingdoms, there are four kinds of Alliance Resource Points: 

  • Alliance Cropland
  • Alliance Logging Camp
  • Alliance Stone Deposit
  • Alliance Gold Deposit

To own them, your alliance must build territory on them. When you own them your resource point production will increase and you will be able to build more flags.

Alliance Resources points produce extra resources for all members of the alliance. They are stored 24h. The more alliance resources an alliance has, the more resources will be produced.

Alliance resource centers contain nearly inexhaustible reserves, but require the cooperation of alliance members to be constructed. Once built, resource centers will bring great benefits to an alliance.

Moreover, resource centers are an absolute state place for troops to gather. Enemies cannot in any way attack armies gathering at resource centers. Alliance resource centers must be constructed on alliance territory.

All alliance members whose city halls are Level 8 or higher can participate in building and gathering.

Each governor may only dispatch one army to gather at a given resource center.

Once the resource center’s reserves have been depleted, all troops gathering at the center will automatically return to their home cities.

Alliance resource centers cannot be attacked either during construction or while troops are gathering.

If construction is not completed within three days, resource centers will be dismantled.

Resource centers will be dismantled three days after construction, even if their resource reserves have not yet been depleted. Hopefully this guide helped you and do not forget to use Rok Redeem Codes.

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50 thoughts on “Alliance Flags and Fortress Guide”

    1. If you are thinking about the enemy fort, your alliance territory and enemy fort must be connected, then you will be able to rally it or normal attack it. If you are thinking about your alliance fort, your leader can delete it by clicking on fort then view. After that, you should see the option to delete it.

      1. I wish to build more flag but my alliance resource is not enough. Is there a way to earn alliance resource?

        1. Your alliance member must farm on alliance territory and when they are done part of the resources they collected will go to alliance storage. Most important is that you find resource points (Alliance Cropland, Alliance Gold Deposit, Wood Camp and Alliance Stone Deposit) that will generate points per hour. You have to build flags near them so your flag occupies them. You can find them by zooming out and on the left side you will see option Resource, press it and you will be able to see them on the map.

  1. alliance fortress will give more space for new members, you can teleport on the territory of fortress, and you can only start building flags from fortress.

  2. Davide Cattani

    Hi, how does teleport il alliance territory work?
    Can I teleport in it infinity time without spend anything?

    1. to teleport on alliance territory you will need to have a territorial teleport. You can get territorial teleport for free in some events or you can buy it in VIP shop, courier station, alliance shop.

  3. Depend on how many people are building a flag, but there is no point going over 20k because the maximum that you can collect each day from a building is 20k coins. So if you collect in one day 100k coins from building flag you will receive only 20k.

    1. Never tested it but I think you will not be able to build 2 alliance ress pits because the buildings are shared, same as alliance forts.

  4. What if enemy attacked your one flag that connects lots of flag to the cf? Will the other one who unconnected disappear?

    1. If that flag gets destroyed all flags that are not connected to the fortress will become inactive. You can build a new flag and they will be active again.

  5. Hello,
    I just took over as the leader of my alliance. We dont currently have a Center Fortess. To build one it say that it cost 950K in gold, we only have 500K in gold and that doesn’t seem to be growing at all. How do I get more gold for my alliance?


  6. Hi is there any way, without need to build a second fortress, to build over another alliance territory ?
    I mean, alliance A have built flags, maybe in rect line or diagonal, but alliance B want to go over the alliance A (like build in cross).
    I know that with flags you cannot do it, but maybe rebuild your fortress number one.

    1. Hi, I understand, that same thing worked 1 year ago, I am not 100% sure but I think they removed that from the game.

  7. We’re trying to help our ally defeat an enemy, but our alliance territory didn’t touch our target’s borders. Is there a way we can attack our target’s buildings directly?

  8. Is building second fortress in the same territory as the center fortress okay?or should we build it on the next territory/after the pass?

    1. I am not sure but I think it is 30 days. Unfortunately, there is no info about that inside game. You should ask customer support, they must know the exact number.

    1. Troop type does not affect the building speed of flags. Building speed is the same for all types of troops and commanders.

  9. Hi Admin, thanks for all that info, can you build the same alliance resource center twice in a row? so build a gold vein and as soon as its depleted, build another one? thanks!

      1. Hi,
        Do gathering from alliance rss center (pit) give any rss to alliance like the normal rss nodes do on territory? Also does it have increase in gathering speed like normal nodes on territory?

  10. is there a limit to build flags? I often see alliances only have 500 flags and can it be added again?

  11. Hi if we have flags in the north band flags central of a map can we destroy north flags to build more central to allow us to collect alliance nodes? And will it affect the cost of flags? And will it affect member numbers?

    1. When you destroy flags you will lose how many players you can have in an alliance but flag cost will decrease, but one you build them again you will get member spots back.

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