Expedition Guide: Complete higher levels In Expedition

Rise Of Kingdoms Expedition Guide

Expedition is a game mode in Rise of Kingdoms where you fight various troops and earn rewards for completing the expedition. Every level you reach in the expedition will be added to your daily reward. An expedition is a location where Aethelflaed and Constance. can be obtained.

Expeditions can be difficult if you are new to the game and do not have commanders. At lower levels of the expedition, you can send two sets of troops, but at higher levels, you can send five sets of troops.

Keep in mind that the troops you lose during the expedition will not be hospitalized and will not die. You can go on as many expeditions as you want.

It’s an excellent place to put your rise of kingdoms commander pairs to the test. Because expedition is a separate game mode like Sunset Canyon, you will still be able to use your troops if they are gathering on the map.

Why is the expedition so important? Because of the great rewards that you can get for completing levels. 

For completing levels you can get 

  • Legendary and epic sculptures– they will help you a lot if you are a new player. 
  • Experience items – you will be able to level your commanders faster 
  • Resources- great especially if you are a new player 
  • Medal of Conqueror- a currency that you can use in expedition shop. 
  • Chests that can contain Aethelflaed sculptures – great commander for free to play and pay to win players

After all these great rewards, every level that you do in the expedition will add rewards in daily chest. That is why it is important that you try to complete all levels in the expedition as soon as it’s possible. You will get nice daily rewards. 

How to complete higher levels in the expedition.

  • First, join an alliance that has max technology.
  • Use army expansion, attack item, get attack rune, scout city for to get 3 % more attack, ask for titles that will give you damage like justice.
  • The best time to do expedition is after Ark Of Osiris because you do not want to waste your items like army expansion only for the expedition.
  • Train troops- you will need to have enough troops to have 5 sets of troops.

Well if you are a new player it will be hard because you do not have a lot of great commanders and you must have patients till you get stronger commanders like Richard who is Tier s+ ROK commander.

You need to send your tank commander first like Sun Tzu, Richard, Martel. If there are more than 3 enemy troops you will use AOE commander like YSG, Baibars, Kusunoki but if there is one troop (boss) you will use a single target nuking commander like Osman, Hermann, G.Khan, Minamoto. You Must bring support commander Like Joan of Arc that will buff all your troops. 

Point is that you will not be able to do all levels in expedition mode without good commanders and tier 5 units but you can progress a lot at the start if you try hard and your daily rewards will help you a lot especially if you are a new player. 

One more time I would advise you that you do expedition mode after Ark Of Osiris because you will have all buffs on you.

What to buy in the Expedition Store?

Rise of Kingdoms Medal store in expedition

The Medal Store, also known as the Expedition Store, is a location where you can obtain Aethelflaed, Constance, and other epic commanders, as well as other fantastic items. It’s a fantastic location, especially for new players, because they can quickly max out their epic commanders.

If you are a new player, you should first purchase Constance sculptures to improve your gathering skill before focusing on epic commanders. I would not recommend purchasing Aethelflaed at first because it is expensive and you will require a large number of sculptures.
Every week, a featured commander will be changed, so if you need other commanders, simply save your coins and wait for the next featured commander.

After you’ve maxed out an epic commander, you can concentrate on Aethelflaed.
If you see a legendary commander sculpture in a shop, buy it right away.

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