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In the Rise of the kingdom’s world map, you need to have the complete knowledge of your kingdom. To understand the map in the Rise of the kingdom, you should understand each aspect and appearance of all the stages. You should be aware of each building and its occupants. 

As you can tell, the world map has a lot of importance in the game, so you can understand why having full knowledge of how to use it is also very vital and can completely change how you play the game. Hence, we have created this guide so that you can yourself understand everything that you need to know about the world map in the Rise of kingdoms in 2021.

In this guide, we will cover the main map in the Rise of kingdoms. Then we will look at the signs of progress and holy sites that we need to look out for in the game. We will then search for the sanctums, shrines and holy sites and how to locate them through the map. Then we will talk about how to use the map to get a better knowledge of ROK civilization

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Without further ado, let us begin!

The main map in the Rise of kingdoms

Rise Of Kingdoms KVK Map

Let us begin by talking about the main map in the Rise of kingdoms.

The main map in the kingdom is the place where you have begun and established from in the kingdom. There are three sectors that the map is grouped into. You have to go through all the required levels to the next zone. Every zone has its own trait and uniqueness.

We should also take into account that at any level, as the kingdom starts to grow, Barbarians can appear. Also, you get resource points. Here the Barbarian’s forts also start to be seen. All this can be more often also near the Holy shrines.


Now, let us look at the progress of the map. 

Progress has to be made from level one to level three. Some features secure an area to next. These are in the shape of gates. Here you cannot be struck for upcoming capture, as the gates protect you for a specific time. This will finish when the time period ends, and the kingdom progresses.

There are a few specific aspects and parts that protect the signs of progress inside them. To go ahead in the structures and the troops, we need first to be defeated here. Only Alliance and troops can try to strike them. These should have structures close to them.

Holy sites

Now we will talk about the holy sites that are available on the map

These are the Sanctums, the Altars and the Shrines of the Holy places. The sacred buildings are open every three days and the Alliance closest to the area can strike them and capture them.

The buffs do not get collected in this particular site. Here if, for example you have two wisdom altars, then it means you get the research speed of only five percent and not ten percent.


The next aspect we will be talking about is the sanctums on the map. 

The sanctums found in zone one are the sanctum of courage, the sanctum of wind, the sanctum of blood and lastly the sanctum of hope.

  • The sanctums give us some percentage of resources.
  •  The sanctum of courage gives commander points plus ten percent
  • The  sanctum of wind equals to the March speed plus five percent
  • The sanctum of blood equals to troop health of two percent
  • And the sanctum of hope equals the increasing speed plus five percent.


Rise Of kingdoms Altar

What is next is the altars in the map of the Rise of kingdoms.

The altars found in zone one are the Earth altar, Wisdom Altar, Harvest Altar, and the Storm Altar. There is also the Surge Altar and Flame Altar. Here the Altars have different advantages in zone one. For example, the Earth Altar equals the structure speed and is five percent, and the Harvest Alter equals the resource growth and is ten percent, and it goes on with the different Altars.


Shrines in Rise Of Kingdoms

Now let us see where you can find the shrines on the map in the Rise of kingdoms. 

Shrines are found in zone two. There is the Shrine of order, Shrine of Honor, Shrine of Radiance and Shrine of War. 

The lost Kingdom map

The lost kingdom will be on the fighting map when your kingdom wins all of its conquests. Through it, you can battle any of the seven kingdoms, and through this, you can achieve dominance over all of them. By battling the barbarians, you can get numerous rewards that will bring a lot of value to your game. Despite the complications, this map will be available to you for two months. 

The lost kingdom map has a variety of features that you should keep in mind. The governors with the city hall level 16 or more can use their teleportation to go from the lost kingdoms to their home kingdom. The map is especially important for teleporting, because it helps players know exactly where they are teleporting to and from. 

The resource points that you gain in the lost kingdom increases the resource production by a lot, as with the main kingdom’s resource points. The barbarian forts will increase the fort level and the conquest zones. The map will be discovered even if there is no particular need to explore the tribal village and the mysterious cave. The city will not be attacked while you are in the vicinity of the teleportation in the lost kingdom. 

These are just some of the important characteristics that you need to keep in mind while you are using the map for the lost kingdom. 

Knowledge of our main kingdom from the map

Rise Of Kingdoms Map
Map Created by reddit user Selfishly

This might be the most important aspect of the map guide, knowledge of the main kingdom from the map. Let us dive in and see why it is so important and necessary. 

Exploring the map and knowing each and every side of the map should be our main target to perfection. This should be from the beginning when we are fresh players. We should explore and discover all the riches that the kingdom has such as the Tribal village. Another riches could be the Mysterious cave.

Food, wood, gold and stone are some of the Alliance gain which the map will have. We will have to make Alliance flags in the areas where the barn is to give resources to all the participants of the Alliance. Here we gain some resource points for our participants of the Alliance.

Each and every Holy site on the map should be achieved for better gains. The Alliance will get a better grip with the assistance of every Holy Site. 

We need to get through the zones by advancing our ways, here it would be very necessary to overthrow each pass. To cross each pass only the Alliances that overthrow can go ahead.

The collection of the resource points is done only inside the area of the Alliances. The Gems cannot be collected here. The resource points will increase and be used for research technologies and also for making structures for the Alliance. This is a very compulsory work for every member in the Rise of kingdoms.


In conclusion, I am sure this guide has made it very clear why the map is so important in the Rise of kingdoms. So keep all these aspects of the map in mind while you are playing the game and you will see that there will be a huge difference in how you play the game. 

The map will help you in knowing where each and everything of your civilization is, where each flag is placed and the directions, and army and enemies. You will also know all your areas well and this will help you in our game and in your battles. You will have a thorough understanding of your own civilization and all the important things you need to keep in mind. 

The map will bring a lot of value to your game. So, do remember to make sure that you have an understanding of the map so that you can play an even better game than ever before. 

Guide Created by SakataBaraba.

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