Rise of Kingdoms Commander Pairings

Ultimate ROK commander pairings list

This is the best Rise Of Kingdoms Commanders Pairs list that is now in the game. It’s made by a strong server that is old for more than 1400 days. All commanders have different roles in Rise Of Kingdoms and different talents.

So it’s important to know what commander you will use as primary and secondary and what commander pairs have best synergies together.

In this list, you will find best commander pairings in Rise Of Kingdoms for Field battles, for destroying barbarian forts, for defending, for a rally, etc. With this list, you can use our Tier List and Best commander Talent Tree Builds.

For a long time now, people have been discussing the best and exceptional primary/ secondary pairings of commanders. If you’re one of them and still searching for the absolute best and legendary commander pairing, you will love this guide. 

Best Calvary Commander Pairs

There are a lot of cavalry commanders in Rise Of Kingdoms but you can’t pair them randomly. You must pair cavalry commanders that have synergy with skills and talent tree.

CommanderBest paired withAlso good with
NevskyXiangXiangWilliamBertrand du GuesclinBertrand
BaibarsBaibarsMinamotoMinamotoCao-CaoCao Cao
BaibarsBaibarsAethelflaedAethelflaedSun-TzuSun TzuMinamotoMinamoto
BelisariusCao-CaoCao Cao
MinamotoMinamotoCao-CaoCao CaoPelagiusPelagiusBaibarsBaibars
G. KhanG. Khan
SaladinSaladinPelagiusPelagiusCao-CaoCao Cao
AethelflaedAethelflaedSun-TzuSun Tzu
Joan-of-ArcJoan of ArcBaibarsBaibars
SaladinSaladinG. KhanG. Khan
Cao-CaoCao Cao
Cao-CaoCao CaoMinamotoMinamotoBelisariusSaladinSaladin

Best Infantry Commander Pairs

Infantry commanders are easier to pair and it’s hard to choose wrong because they have related skills but still, they are commanders pairs that have better synergy with skills and talent tree than other commander pairs.

CommanderBest paired withAlso good with
HaraldAlexanderAlexanderCharles MartelCharles MartelConstantineConstantine
Sun TzuSun TzuRichardRichardYi-Seong-GyeYi Seong-Gye
RichardRichardCharles MartelCharles MartelAlexanderAlexanderConstantineConstantine
Charles MartelCharles MartelRichardRichardConstantineConstantine
Sun TzuSun Tzu
AlexanderAlexanderCharles MartelCharles MartelYi-Seong-GyeYi Seong-Gye
Charles MartelCharles MartelAlexanderAlexanderRichardRichard
Guan-YuGuan YuAlexanderAlexanderCheokSun TzuSun Tzu
LeonidasLeonidasCharles MartelCharles MartelAlexanderAlexanderRichardRichard
PakalCheokGuan-YuGuan-YuSun TzuSun Tzu
Honda TadakatsuHondaSuleimanSuleiman trajanTrajan
Honda TadakatsuHondaHaraldCharles MartelCharles Martel
Scipio Africanus LegendaryScipio AfricanusGuan-YuGuan YuHaraldHaraldAlexanderAlexander
Flavius AetiusFlaviusZenobiaZenobiaScipio Africanus LegendaryScipio AfricanusGuan-YuGuan Yu

Best Archery Commander Pairs

When it comes to archer pairs you must be careful and pair commanders with the best synergy with skills and talent tree. With Pairing the wrong archer commander you will lose so much damage and survivability.

CommanderBest paired withAlso good with
NebuchadnezzarNebuCyrus the GreatCyrusAmanitoreAmanitoreYi Seong-GyeYi Seong-Gye
AmanitoreAmanitoreArtemisiaNebuchadnezzarNebuCyrus the GreatCyrus
GilgameshGilgameshCyrus the GreatCyrusNebuchadnezzarNebuAmanitoreAmanitore
Yi-Seong-GyeYi Seong-Gye
HermannHermannYi-Seong-GyeYi Seong-Gye
KusonokiKusonokiYi-Seong-GyeYi Seong-Gye
El-CidEl-CidArtemisiaArtemisia HermannHermannYi-Seong-GyeYi Seong-Gye
ArtemisiaArtemisia El-CidEl-CidYi-Seong-GyeYi Seong-Gye
RamessesRamesses Yi-Seong-GyeYi Seong-Gye
ArtemisiaArtemisia HermannHermann
EdwardEdwardTomyrisTomyrisYi-Seong-GyeYi Seong-Gye
Cyrus the GreatCyrusNebuchadnezzarNebuAmanitoreAmanitoreYi Seong-GyeYi Seong-Gye

Best Commander Pairs for Barbarian Fort

These are commanders that have the best synergy with skills, talent tree and bonus damage against barbarians forts. You can not go wrong with these commander pairs but you must have the right talent tree build.

CommanderBest paired withAlso good with
BelisariusBelisariusCao CaoCao CaoAethelflaedAethelflaedMinamotoMinamoto
BoudicaBoudicaCao CaoCao CaoMinamotoMinamotoAethelflaedAethelflaed
MinamotoMinamotoCao CaoCao CaoAethelflaedAethelflaedBelisariusBelisarius
AethelflaedAethelflaedMinamotoMinamotoCao CaoCao CaoBoudicaBoudica

Best Defending Commader Pairs

This is a list of commanders pairs for defending flags, forts and Ark of Osiris Objectives. They are great pairs against top tier rallying commanders. If you do not have these commanders I would advise you to let someone who has these commanders to defend.

CommanderBest paired withAlso good with
RichardRichardCharles MartelCharles MartelConstantineConstantineYi Seong-GyeYi Seong-Gye
Charles MartelCharles MartelRichardRichardConstantineConstantineYi Seong-GyeYi Seong-Gye
ConstantineConstantineWu ZetianWu Zetian
Charles MartelCharles MartelRichardRichard
Wu ZetianWu Zetian
ConstantineConstantineCharles MartelCharles MartelYi Seong-GyeYi Seong-Gye
ArtemisiaArtemisia El CidEl Cid
Yi Seong-GyeYi Seong-Gye
TheodoraZenobiaZenobiaYi-Sun-SinWu ZetianWu Zetian
ZenobiaZenobiaTheodoraYi-Sun-SinWu ZetianWu Zetian
Yi-Sun-SinTheodoraZenobiaZenobiaWu ZetianWu Zetian
Wu ZetianWu Zetian
Flavius AetiusFlavius TheodoraYi-Sun-SinZenobiaZenobia

Best Rally Commader Pairs

CommanderBest paired withAlso good with
GilgameshGilgameshCyrus the GreatCyrusNebuchadnezzarNebuAmanitoreAmanitore
RichardRichardCharles MartelCharles MartelAlexanderAlexanderYi Seong-GyeYi Seong-Gye
SaladinSaladinAttilaAttilaG. KhanG. Khan
Yi Seong-GyeYi Seong-Gye
Yi Seong-GyeYi Seong-Gye
EdwardEdwardTomyrisTomyrisRamessesRamessesYi Seong-GyeYi Seong-Gye
Guan-YuGuan Yu
AlexanderAlexanderYi Seong-GyeYi Seong-Gye
RamessesRamessesYi Seong-GyeYi Seong-Gye
AlexanderAlexanderCharles MartelCharles MartelYi Seong-GyeYi Seong-Gye
NevskyXiangXiangWilliamBertrand du GuesclinBertrand

These are commanders that are insanely good for rallying flags, forts and Ark of Osiris Objectives. They have great synergy with skills and talent tree build. If you do not have it I would advise you to let someone else do the rally.

Best Epic Commander Pairs

These are the best epic commander pairs that you can make. They will work great on new kingdoms. So do not be scared to test them out.

CommanderBest paired withAlso good with
PelagiusPelagiusBaibarsBaibarsSun TzuSun TzuOsmanOsman
Sun TzuSun TzuMundeokEuljiOsmanOsmanScipioScipio
MundeokEuljiOsmanOsmanSun TzuSun TzuScipioScipio
HermannHermannKusonokiKusonokiSun TzuSun TzuBoudicaBoudica
KusonokiKusonokiHermannHermannSun TzuSun TzuBoudicaBoudica
DiaochanJoan-of-ArcJoan-of-ArcLoharCao CaoCao Cao

Commander Pairings For New players

Most guides will tell you the best and top tier pairings for Rise of Kingdoms but there is not a lot of information about pairings for new players who just started. 

We all know how hard it is to level up your commanders and upgrade their skills as a new player and free to play. New players will be limited with commander choice so you will have to create strange commander pairings. Use all the commanders that you have. 

That is why we made this small guide with some strange pairings that work.


In Rise of kingdoms, Richard is one of the best commanders, especially for free to play players. For a player who is a low-spender, Richard is definitely the perfect choice.

Now, let us talk about commander Richard as 5-5-5-1 or as 5-5-1-1. Richard, when paired up with Joan of Arc, provides excellent results. This pair is very common in an open field as it is quite tanky, which is great when you’re fighting in an open field. 

Joan comes under the list of best commanders in ROK mainly because of her productive events, gatherings, versatility, and PVP. Joan is great, especially when it comes to playing with whales, so now you are giving them just four-second buffs along with several rages, and you’re also escalating the attack damage which is being put out by Richard.

Though be aware that Richard does not put out much damage, meaning he only has is normal attack damage, and Joan of arc enhancing that damage up to 25% is amazing.


Richard and Sun Tzu

The next pairing that is most commonly used is Sun Tzu and Richard. Sun Tzu is another one of the most famous nuking commanders in Rise of kingdoms. He can damage a maximum of 5 targets through his active skill. 

With the help of his classic active skill, he can restore rage. Richard and Sun Tzu make a great pair also because Richard doesn’t get skill damage which makes their pair balanced. 

Sun Tzubuffs skill damage, and he also boosts infantry. Infantry health is considered a premium stat. Sun Tzu brings down the damage. 


Martel and Joan

Coming towards Martel, he is known as an excellent legendary infantry commander. Martel is a commander that, over time, you will be getting for free he is also very defensive. You can easily bring Martel and Joan of arc to 5-5-1-1 by using the skill lock, which is again great. 

You can pair both of them up, although, to Richard, this build will be similarly tanky. As compared to Richard, Martel is a bit less tanky and can deal with damage a little more as he doesn’t own healing but has a shield that reduces damage. 

For a few seconds Martel also boosts his own damage. He had the counterattack damage, which makes him a bit less tanky. Whereas Joan of Arc is considered the jack of all trades as there’s almost nothing that she can’t do. In conclusion. Joan of Arc and Martel makes a solid pair.



And next, we have Sun Tzu paired up with Charles Martel. Sun Tzu and MartelMartel are usually paired up for the same reasons Richard and Sun Tzu are paired up.

Through this pairing, you are adding the damage factor in Martel, which he doesn’t have. You’re also adding health along with all the quality stuff that he lacks. 

The Sun Tzu and Martel pairing is highly suggested since Sun Tzu is great at dealing damage, and when he is paired up with Martel, his primary skills pop up and enhance the damage by a boost of 30%.



If you want a canyon tank, you can pair Scipio up with Charles Martel. This will definitely prove to be a good strategy as Scipio is really good in the canyon.

Besides, you will be getting additional 10 troops along with expanding counterattack damage. 

Not just that, you will also get the remaining 40 troops which will give you the healing factor, but this is very rare to happen, so Scipioafricanus with Martel 5-5-1-1 will indeed be an amazing choice. 



Next, let us talk about Alexander. About Alexander, you can do him 5-5-5-1 or 5-5-1-1 or whatever is the case. Expertising Alexander is highly recommended even if you are free to play. You must always have expertise in Alexander and YSG as it is a great strategy. 

So whatever the commander Alexander the great is at, he should be your primary commander, and you can pair him with Sun Tzu. Alexander and Sun Tzu make a great pair as alexander has tons of stats as well as the shield, and they both nicely deal with skill damage. 

Alexander has infantry and tactory, whereas Sun Tzuown AOE rager, which makes this pair one of the most loved ones out there. Also, so far its is the best pairing we have discussed. 


Joan of Arc with Constantine 5-5-1-1 makes an epic combination. A Constantine 5-5-1-1 is a supportive march, but it is quite low damage output.

Therefore, a Joan- Constantine pair becomes extremely valuable, especially in an open field. In addition, Constantine has support elements in the primary skills which often take players far ahead in the game. 



The next pair that we are going to talk about is CaoCao and Belisarius. With CaoCao, you can not do 5-5-2-2, and you don’t really have any control over the skills, so with him in his third skill, you would want to get a maximum of three skill points. You can use CaoCao as primary in the open field or Canyon. 

Caocao and Belisarius make a good pair. With Belisarius as a partner, you can easily kill farmers but remember you have to be really fast while eliminating farmers and make sure not to get caught. Moreover, Belisarius is the one who helps a lot when it comes to killing farmers because of his fourth skill. 



With CaoCao primary, you can pair Pelagius secondary. Though many a time, it is noticed that Pelagius primary is much better because of his skill tree since you go full cavalry tree most of the time and from the skill tree you obtain the generation rage. 

Nevertheless, with Pelagius primary, there’s one problem that if any opposer in an open field sees a purple commander, it gets melted first, so by CaoCao, you can at least mingle it with other legendary commanders.

So this pair is a great one, especially when you are a low spender and want to do Cavalry as they do a single target damage factor.


Moving towards Saladin. He is an expensive commander as compared to CaoCao. For Saladin, 5-5-1-1 is highly suggested. You will find CaoCao very powerful in Canyon as well as in an open field, especially if you are a Cavalry player. 

You can pair Saladin up with Sun Tzu. When we talk about this pair, there is one main point that often comes up that Sun Tzu is an infantry commander. However, you shouldn’t worry about that because he only provides 10 stats to the infantry.

After pairing them up, you have Saladin, who has a single target damage factor and also gives you thousands of stats. On the other hand, Sun Tzu adds AOE, rage generation, and buffs up the skill damage.


Baibars and Saladin also make a nice pair. This pair is very helpful for a Canyon as Saladin is obviously an exceptional commander, whereas Baibars owns that much need d AOE. This pair, when they come together, deals with a lot of damage.

Also, if you have Saladin and you are thinking about the performance of sunset Canyon, then Baibars is the perfect choice to combine him with because of the stats and AOE. 



Here we are assuming you do have a Minamoto 5-5-1-1 if you are a low spender. Minamoto paired up with Pelagius makes quite a solid combo since both of them own an incredible single target damage factor. They also provide you with tons of stats for your Cavalry. Pelagius has a healing factor along with rage regeneration, and Minamoto owns that much-needed march speed which helps you in doing good in the game. 

Also, this pair doesn’t cost that much and is best for low spenders. 



You can pair Elcid secondary with Herman primary. The main advantage of this combination is that you get your hands on a single target damage factor. 

It is also quite a unique silence change because Hermen, for a few seconds, will silence them, which means during that time, opponents will not be able to utilize their active skill. After that, your Elcid’s active skills are going to help you, which are not just going to silence opponents’ active skills, but for one second, it will also disable them.

The opposers would not even have rage in those seconds, and they wouldn’t be able to deal even a normal damage attack. So for some three seconds, they won’t be able to make use of their skills which accounts for 30% of the time.

Herman’s single target damage factor for 1-1-5-0 is great. With this, you get great marching speed and some stats.

As well as on Elcid, you get the marching speed plus some rage generation which you get from Herman. All of these factors make ElCid and Herman a great combo and a legendary pairing.


For free to play playersAethelflaed commander is a great one. She undoubtedly comes under the list of some of the greatest legendary commanders in ROK. She is the only legendary commander who provides the players with an expedited bonus. Her first skill is absolutely amazing, excellent debuff. There are also many other praiseworthy things about her, such as dealing with extra damage with the help of a mixed unit.



With Aethelflaed, you can pair a commander like Sun Tzu as this is going to do a great amount of AOE damage and some rage regeneration. So basically, there’s a lot to like about this combo. 

However, there is also a negative side to this pairing which is that it will be attacked very soon in the game. But in an open field march, it is highly recommended to do 5% archers, 5% cavalry, and 90% Infantry so that from Aethelflaedyou can cause the bonus damage.

If you want to maximize or boost the infantry tree, you should do Aethelflaed secondary and Sun Tzu primary. 



Now, let us move towards a double legendary pairing. Taking Yi Seongsecondary and Aethelflaed primary will give you an excellent AOE combination. 

You can use this combination in the Sunset Canyon since, from Siyeong, you acquire a huge buff and also some rage regeneration, and this is exactly why players love this pair. Additionally, you can use 5% cavalry, 5% infantry, and 90% archers, who will give you an attack buff on the fourth skill of Aethelflaed.

With this combination, you will surely be targeted as opponents consider this combination a huge threat on an open field. You will pop off huge damage, and yet players will try to kill you. Nevertheless, it is a helpful march, especially for the players whose kingdom has benefited in an open field.


Mulan, a great legendary commander, her skills and talents make her superior to a lot of other commanders. We can use Mulan for both PVP and PVE. In addition, she has excellent AOE skills. 

Mulan and Joan of arc make an amazing combo. This pair is highly suggested because, with Joan of arc, this march unites a legendary 5-5-1-1. So if you don’t want to deal with damage and want maximum support, you can use this amazing pair. 


The pairing of Joan of Arc and  Aethelflaed is another great combination. In an open field, they become a very supportive march but be aware as it will be targeted badly. 


Rise of kingdoms has proved to be one of the most favorite games of a lot of people out there. Since the time it has come out, people have been engaged in looking for the best legendary pairings of commanders. 

This is why in the article above, we have in detail mentioned all the best commanders and best legendary pairings in Rise of kingdoms. Also check out Rise of Kingdoms Redeem Codes.

Hope the guide helped you.

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