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The golden kingdom in Rise of Kingdom is a 20-floor dungeon and you advance through each floor of the dungeon by defeating that floor’s chief. Every four floors there will be a checkpoint floor where you can collect rewards. 

The event is scaled with your progress in the game. That means that if you have a level 20 city hall in Rise Of Kingdoms you will have an easier golden kingdom event. That doesn’t mean that you can rush through it. With good optimization, every player should be able to finish every floor. Also, luck plays a big role here. If you do not have luck with a droop of blessings you will have a hard time finishing all 20 levels. So if you had bad luck with blessings start again.

Golden kingdom map

Each floor tiled board that is covered with fog that you can uncover. On the golden kingdom map in Rise of Kingdoms , you can find a lot of different things but most important is to find Chieftain that you have to defeat so you can proceed to the next floor.

Fog – To clear fog, you can just tap on bright ones. If you discover enemy army you will not be able to clear the fog around it until you defeat it. Point is that you clear as much fog you can with avoiding fighting so you do not receive unnecessary damage. Point of clearing as much fog you can is that you want to find as much Karaku gold, relic, chests.

Also, you have a chance to find:

Healing hut that will give you the option to heal one of your troops for 50% health. What commander you will heal depends. If you have DPS and tank on 50% health i would advise you to heal DPS because you will be able to do more damage and DPS has a higher chance of dying. Tank with 50% still has a lot of power to tank damage but there is no point of having a tank on 100% if you do not have damage to support him.

A reinforcement camp is a place where you can recruit 1 troop. But you have to keep on mind that commanders’ skills from reinforcement camp are the same as your commanders. So if you have let’s say Martel with

Disk Of Density- You will spin the disk to receive random items. you can receive gold, relics, or blessings.

Arrow Tower– when you see arrow tower you have to destroy it. It will damage your troops for every fog you clear. To destroy Arrow Tower you must clear path to it and just tap on to destroy it. Also, there is a relic that can instantly destroy it without clearing fog.

Golden kingdom Battles

Rise Of Kingdoms The Golden kingdom event battle

The golden kingdom battles are similar to sunset canyon. You will start with five different armies and you will fight five different armies. The big difference is that you will fight NPC-s so the position of troops that you will fight against is random so the positioning of your own troops is very important.

One more thing that you have you have to keep on mind is that when you finish battle your troops’ health will not be restarted. All damage that you receive is kept after battle is over.

The last 5 floors are very hard and you will have to optimize your troops and blessings as much as you can if you are planning to finish all 20 floors.

The first thing is that you need to have tank armies. They are key to success in this event. I do not know the player who managed to finish all 20 floors with only DPS troops.

The last 5 floors will deal an insane amount of damage to your troops and if you do not have a tank who can absorb all that damage you are done. Your DPS commander like g.khan will not be able to survive that amount of damage.


As I said you will need to have a least 2 tank units.

Richard– great tank for this event especially because of his heal.

Alexander– also a great tank for this event because of his high damage and shield that will block damage.

Caesar– great commander for providing survivability even if he is 5511. So if you do not have a lot of options you can choose him.

Sun Tzu– Well every player should have this commander. He has insane range and AOE damage. You have to use him in this event.

Joan of Arc– is a must for this event. She does not have a lot of defensive stats but the amount of buffs that she will provide to your armies is 100% worth it.

Aethelflaed– this commander is also a must. She had Great AOE damage that is important for this event but also she has insanely great debuffs.

Ysg– one of the best commanders that you can have. He is great for events like this because of his AOE damage.

For DPS commander use what you have best. AOE commanders have a huge advantage.

Now I know that you do not have all commander max, especially legendary commander. So it’s hard to make a good commander team without knowing what commanders you have. You can check the rok tier list to get a better understanding of what commanders are great.

Buffs and Boosts

Equipment buffs, your technology, VIP, civilization, special skins, etc, will work in this event. The only thing that does not work is army expansion so make sure that you get all possible buffs and use the best ROK civilizations for damage.

Relics and Blessings

Rise Of Kingdoms The Golden kingdom event blessings

Relics- are items that can be used only once. There are different types of relics. They can be found on the ground or they can be purchased in shop with Karaku gold on floors 4,8,12 and 16.

Floors are easy on lower levels so there is no point in using your relics at the start. You want to save them for hard bosses.

You can hold up to 9 relics. If you have your bag full and you find new relics do not worry, you will be able to use your relics and collect a new one. If your bag is getting full just use healing and Forced movement if a guardian is blocking your way.

Save your Siege Relic for last bosses because they can stack. So you will be able to destroy them fast.

Also, there is no point in spending your Karaku gold on levels 4 and 8. Wait for 12 and 16 where you will find better relics.

Blessings- are permanent buffs that your army will receive but when you are done with the event all buffs will be gone. If you do not have a lot of luck with buffs I would advise you to restart the ROK golden kingdom event .

You can receive random blessings for defeating the enemy or you can find it on the map, also after you finish each floor you will have the option to choose between 3 blessings.

How you will choose blessings, depends on your commanders and how you will position them.

Golden kingdom rules

The golden kingdom rules:

  1. Requirements: You must have city level 17 or higher to participate
  2. Event description- You can clear path through the fog that will revile random elements. The fog that is surrounding a guardian can not be cleared until that Guardian is defeated or relocated. When you defeat Guardian chief you will be able to go on the next floor. Every 4th floor you clear you will receive a golden chest with rewards.
  3. Event Difficulty- Event is scaled which means that that difficulty will be different for 20m power player and 80m power player.
  4. Troops Setup- You will be able to use your 5 different troops. Once your troops are set, you will not be able to change them including talent tree and gear.
  5. Troop Strength: At the end of each battle damage taken will not influence your power outside event.
  6. Boosts- All buffs will take effect. Only army expansion will not take effect.
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