Governor Profile in ROK


Governor Profile is a place in Rise Of Kingdoms where you can find all information about your account.

Governor ID

For the city, each player has a unique ID number. Because ROK is expanding, it is possible that your ID will change.


It is not possible for two players to have the same username. Every user name must be distinct. You can change your username by pressing the name. You have the option of entering 3 to 15 characters. Numbers, letters, and special characters can all be used in user names. To change your username, you’ll need 500 gems or name-changing items from the alliance shop.


Each player can choose their own avatar image, or you can use the default ones. On top of that, you can use a special avatar frame that can be obtained through various events, achievements, and so on.


You can add up to 6 photos to your album. You can set it to private or allow other players to see it in the display options. If other players enjoy your photos in the album, they can give them a heart.


You can see your total troop, building, and technological power. When you train more troops or upgrade technology, your power will be automatically updated, whereas your power on the leaderboard will take some time to update.


It will display the total number of units you have killed or severely injured  not through power. All neutral units will not be counted in the total number of kills. If you tap (? ), you’ll see the total number of units you’ve killed broken down by tier.

Action Points

A green bar will appear to show you how many action points you have. The bar’s capacity is 1000, but it can be increased with a VIP level. You’ll spend action points on neutral units as well as other tasks. You can take a rune or raise your VIP level to recover more action points.

Achievement Wall

A place where you can display your best achievements. There are 5 available slots. When you complete achievements, you will receive great rewards such as legendary commander sculptures, frames, gems, and so on.


Rise of Kingdoms Kingdom rankings

On level 8, you can unlock this feature. Raking is divided into nine sections. They are not immediately updated.


The name of your alliance will be displayed. If you are not a member of the alliance, you will see this symbol (-).


This displays the total number of troops you have by tier. When you open the troop list, you’ll notice three different subsections. You can also see hospital capacity and how many troops are in it, total troop power, and troop dispatch queue.

In the city, your total number of troops by tier and commanders defending the city will be displayed.

On the Map- It will show you which commander you have and how many troops are assigned to them.


When you reach the City Hall level of 10, you will be able to unlock the achievement. There are six different categories inside.


It reveals what Civilization you are. By clicking on it, you will be able to see all of the civilizations that are currently active in the game. You will be able to change civilization using gems or items for changing civilization that can be obtained from an alliance shop.

More info

Rise Of Kingdoms more info

It will show stats about your account. 


  • Building power
  • Technology power 
  • Troop power 
  • Commander power 

Battle statistic

  • Highest power
  • Victory 
  • Defeat 
  • Dead
  • Scout times

Resources statistic 

  • Resources gathered 
  • Resources assisted 
  • Alliance help times


Rise Of Kingdoms Commander Buffs

You can give your commanders titles in order for them to receive a special stat boost.

You have 7 different titles for commanders and each has a requirement

  • Range- Unlocks at 80,000 power. Bonus stats Damage to barbarians +5% Commander EXP gain 5%
  • Tax Officer- Unlocks at 200,000 power. Bonus stats- gathering speed
  • Drillmaster-Unlocks at 500,000 power. Troops attack 1%
  • Iron Guard- Unlocks at 1,200,000 power. Troops health 1%
  • Supply Captain- Unlocks at 3M power. gathering speed +5% Troop load +5%
  • Charge Captain- Unlocks at 8M power. Rally army attack 1% Rally Army march speed 1%. 
  • Knight Head- Troop’s defense 1% Troop Health 1%.


Rise Of Kingdoms Settings

Here you will find all settings in Rise Of Kingdoms.

  1. Notifications- In this section, you can configure which notifications you want to receive.
  2. General settings- Change the graphic quality, music volume, and SFX volume here. Emojis to be blocked? Quick Chats, War Frenzy Notice Enablement, Troop Strength Bar Change, March Queue Shortcut, User Interface Displays, and Much More
  3. Emojis– You can choose which emojis to use.
  4. Player Search– You can look up a player by his name.
  5. Character Management– A list of all your accounts in Rise Of Kingdoms can be found here.
  6. Account-Option where you can connect your account so you don’t lose your progress. You can connect with Facebook or Google. You can also change your account information.
  7. Customer Service– If you have any problems with the game, you will contact Customer Service here and also it will show your ROK FAQ.
  8. Language– This is the location where you can change the game’s language.
  9. Community- It will display all links to official Lilith communities.
  10. Redeem– this is the location where you will enter your rok redeem codes.
  11. Block Mail – A list of all the players you’ve blocked. You have the ability to block 999 players.
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