Best Gathering Commanders In ROK 2023

Best Gathering Commanders In ROK

Rise of Kingdoms is a well-known management strategy game where the player gets to guide a civilization from the Stone Age to feudal times while expanding the borders of their budding empire and fighting against endless enemies. This game is incredibly dynamic in its game play. 

Every player of this game is willing to find and use every chance for developing their city, training their troops, and enhancing their research further. They find and use realistic methods for gathering resources in this game.

They require a good network of gathering commanders for successful farming. They seek the first-class gathering commanders known for their nature to excel in the game Rise of Kingdoms.

Understand the basics gathering 

As a player of this game, you can get in touch with experts in this game and make a good decision to play it. You can station your troops anywhere and force yourself into battles. You will get absolute assistance and be encouraged to keep up-to-date with the guidelines to successfully play this game.  

New and regular players of this game get 100% entertainment and more than expected chances to achieve their goal. They are confident to suggest the reliable platform specialized in the guidelines about the rise of kingdoms best gathering commander at this time.

This is because they make certain the overall importance of using the best resources as efficiently as possible. The gathering commanders in the Rise of Kingdoms game play the main role in farming because of their abilities to harvest resources faster than others. 

The best-in-class gathering commanders bring more resources with less troops than usual elements. This facility is really helpful to all players of this game especially in the early stage of the game. For best fighting PVP commander you can check Rise Of Kingdoms Tier List.

Best gathering commanders  

Qualified and experienced players of the Rise of Kingdoms game nowadays make certain the overall benefits of properly using first-class resources, in particular gathering commanders. They have a specialization in this sector and decided to use this gaming platform in an efficient way. There is no point in picking civilization for gathering so use the best Rise of Kingdoms civilization for fighting and progress.


As a player of the Rise of Kingdoms with an interest in finding and using a successful gathering commander, you can focus on Centurion in detail right now. You will be amazed about everything about this gathering commander and begin a step to get to level 20 before upgrading your skills and upgrade the third skill to the max.

Every user of this gathering commander can easily get to level 37 as expected. They are happy and confident every time they recommend this gathering commander to others. 


You may search for the rise of kingdoms best gathering commander online. It is the suitable time to concentrate on the gathering commander Constance. You have to spend the universal sculptures on the Constance commander and keep in mind that her fourth skill is very powerful in the alliance deposit. 

Every player of the Rise in Kingdoms can use this gathering commander and get to level 30 before upgrading any skill. They can also max fourth skill for maximum resource bonus devoid of difficulty in any aspect. She is great for gathering gems and you can get free gems with ROK Gift Codes.


Sarka is another popular and most recommended gathering commander in this game. You can use this resource to get to level 10 and 2 stars before upgrading skills and max out second skills previous to upgrading to four stars.

This is worthwhile to pair this gathering commander with Constance and take advantage of the alliance deposit.  She can collect any kind of resource in this popular game. You can use the star upgrade trick to rank this gathering commander to 3 stars and max her second and third. 


Everyone with an interest to successfully take advantage of the appropriate gathering resource can directly explore important aspects of the Gaius and get to the level 10 or 2 stars prior to upgrading any skill and max out the second skill. They can easily reach the level 20 and 3 stars and max out the third skill without complexity in any aspect. 

Gaius Marius is an elite gathering commander and good at farming food items. This popular gathering commander is known and recommended mainly because of its 20% bonus gathering speed.  


Joan is one of the best gathering commanders in the Rise of Kingdoms game and designed to get to the level 10 and 2 star before upgrading skills and max out second skill. Users of this gathering commander max out the first skill to be able to properly use as an outstanding secondary commander.

They make certain that talents from the main commander are used. Do not forget to pair with Constance for the best alliance depot. You will get 100% satisfaction from a proper use of this gathering commander. 

As a player of the Rise in Kingdoms, you have to know the rise of kingdoms best gathering commander right now.  You can enhance your efforts towards the milestones and make them efficient without complexity in any aspect. 

This is advisable to exchange your tokens for all the blue sculptures when any civilization based event happens. This approach is really helpful for successfully upgrading the commanders. 

She is an Epic commander and known for her skills. Experienced players of this game understand that it is an easy way to get her sculptures. Do not forget that her second ability is extremely useful as it maximizes farming speed and troop load. 

Cleopatra VII

Players of the Rise in Kingdoms with a lack of stone and requirements to farm some can focus on the main attractions of the farming commander Cleopatra VII. They get the absolute assistance and make certain the successful approach for increasing resources required for being good in ROK. 

Cleopatra VII is the best pick as her passive skills especially when you are lacking in stone and require farming something.  The overall beauty and wisdom of this gathering commander is available with 50% bonus troop load. There is 30% bonus stone gathering speed and remaining 20% gathering speed for remaining resources. 

This is worthwhile to level this commander to 10 and rank her to two stars to unlock the second. You must max out her second skills and be patient as it takes sometimes with the quite hard nature of receiving the legendary sculptures. 

Players of the Rise of Kingdoms game have to understand and keep in mind that they must not spend universal sculptures on the gathering commander Cleopatra.

Ishida Mitsunari    

Every player of this game can build Ishida Mitsunari like Cleopatra. However, he is known for gathering food unlike Cleopatra. 


Seondeok is one of the best gathering commanders known for gathering gold. As a beginner to the game Rise of Kingdoms, you may misunderstand that gold is an unimportant resource. However, you can understand the significance of having gold while reaching the late game. 

This is mainly because a ton amount of gold is required for upgrading buildings, training troops, and engaging in other activities especially while researching the T5 troops.  The overall build of this gathering commander is the same as Cleopatra VII.  

Gather on alliance territory and turn notifications on 

Every player of the Rise in Kingdoms receives a 25% gathering speed bonus while gathering on alliance territory which contributes one percentage on all resources gathered from the resource deposits toward the overall alliance resources. Governors have to teleport to the edge. Otherwise outside of flag areas for the purpose of resource deposits can successfully spawn in the middle. 

  • You have to go to settings > notifications and turn off things you do not want to receive. 
  • Leave “When troops have returned” on.
  • Enable notifications for the game on your device 

Get tier 1 siege units 

tier 1 siege units

Many people who have chosen the game Rise in Kingdoms nowadays have planned to use every chance for improving their performance further. They have decided to use Tier 1 siege groups and use effective methods to excel in the game play. This is because they make certain these are the very common underrated units and have more than 100k T1 siege units for gathering. 

Siege units roughly carry 3x or 4x more resources per unit when compared to the infantry, cavalry, and archers. These resources are fast and cheap to train. If you seek the cheap and fast method to heal, then you can prefer and use it hereafter. This is because it does not matter whether you heal hundred tier one units or thousand tier one units. All heal in three seconds.   

Qualified and successful players of the Rise in Kingdoms have to level and startup Commander later in this game. They focus on properly upgrading Elite and also Epic commanders as their sculptures are easy to get. They must save legendary sculptures for their fighting commander unless they are willing to spend resources on the game. T

hey keep in mind that their gathering mastery including stone, food, wood, and gold must max out. All gathering commanders must have this talent as it gives thirty percentages of gathering speed bonus for every resource. 

This Guide was written by Daedrix, an old Rise of Kingdoms player with 1k login days.

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