Great Edward Talent Tree And Pairs

Edward of Woodstock is legendary archer commander in Rise Of Kingdoms. Great commander for field fights and rally. Edward of Woodstock will provide an insane amount of nuke damage and buffs for archers. He is a commander that you must have if you leading rally AOO and KVK.

Great Edward Talent Tree And Pairs





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Edward of Woodstock Talent Tree Build

Edward Field and Rally Talent Build

Rise of kingdoms guides Edward Field and Rally Talent Build

Edward of Woodstock Guide

Edward of Woodstock best archer nuking commander. If you are a rally leader in aoo and in kvk you must have him. Only use archers with Edward of Woodstock. Almost all his skills are for archers and he is ranking very good on Rise Of Kingdoms Tier List for attacking objectives.

First skill– His first skill will do an insane amount of nuke but there is one problem. If you use Edward of Woodstock as a secondary commander that damage will be reduced by a lot. So you must upgrade him on lvl60. One more problem is that when Edward of Woodstock uses first skill his rage points will be reduced by 300.

Second skill– insane amount of health and march speed stats. But only works if you have archers. 30% of health to archers will help you to rally buildings with no problem. That will make Edward of Woodstock tanky archer commander.

Third skill– a skill that counters infantry units. 25% bonus skill damage and 5% increased damage to infantry units is very nice. But remember this passive skill only work if you have only archer troops. So if you are making rally with Edward of Woodstock, always check with what type of troops people are joining to your rally.

Fourth skill– Now this skill is bad for the rally because if your troops drop below 70%, you will lose bonus damage. So try to restart rally if it drops below 70%. For filed combat, you can always enter back in city or flag to restart health bar. Try it and you will see that it works.

Edward of Woodstock Pairings

By far best Rise of Kingdoms pairing for Edward of Woodstock is Tomyris. With this duo, you will do an insane amount of damage Esspacily if you are rallying with this duo. Their skills work beautifully together. They are just pure damage machine together. You can pair him whit any other archer commander that you have it will preform ok but if you planning to be a beast you must have Tomyris. Use Edward as primary commander.

Yi Seong-Gye

If you need a commander that can help boost Edward’s archer’s damage and active skills, then Yi Seong-Gye is the best choice. He has the ability to get Edwards active skill 50% more damage and also he has a bonus rage restoration that can be quite helpful on the battlefield. In this pairing, Yi Seong-Gye should be the secondary commander. 

Ramesses II

He is a great commander that gives Edward the necessary amount of defense. Ramesses II has the ability to reduce the enemy’s defense that lets him take more damage. This prevents the enemy from healing and this can be a good thing in the long fight. 

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  1. Edward is a primary commander in 99% situations because he has a much better talent tree build. His talent tree build will boost your nuke damage.

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