Shadow Legion And Dark Fortress Guide

Shadow Legion And Dark Fortress Guide Rise OF Kingdoms

Shadow Legion is a great event in Rise Of Kingdoms where your city will be attacked by barbarians who are coming out from dark Fortress. Your alliance must work as a team to defeat Shadow Legion and you will receive great rewards for that.

To be able to do Shadow Legion your city must be level 4 or higher and your alliance must have 30 members. I would recommend that you join an active alliance for Shadow Legion especially if your city defense is bad and your alliance is not that active. 

Before we start Shadow Legion you must know a few things.

  • Your alliance will have only one chance to do this event so you must be prepared. 
  •  Dark Fortresses will appear all over the map and closest Dark Fortresses will attack your city. 
  • If you are eliminated you will no longer be a target to shadow legion. 
  • If all your alliance members are defeated event will end. 
  • The peace shield will not block attacks from shadow legion. 
  • Dark Fortresses will send troops to destroy your city but do not worry your troops will not die.

Shadow Legion Points

To get as many points as you can, you will have to reinforce alliance city or you can attack shadow legion barbarians on the field. But my advice is to just reinforce other people’s city because if you kill it before barbarians attack another player city he will not receive points and can make your alliance members angry and you can be kicked.

So if you do not know rules just ask your r4 or r5 officer to tell you.

To earn more points you will have to jump from city to city. If the city that you are reinforcing is safe, you can join a nearby city fast to earn more points. So pint is that you constantly defending cities that are under attack.

To jump from city to city easily your alliance must be close together.

Shadow Legion Best Commanders

To defeat Dark Fortresses you will have to have a good defending commander and a nice amount of troops in the city. If you do not have a good amount of troops in the city there is no point in having good commanders.

The best commanders for Shadow Legion is garrison commanders. If you have you can use commander like Richard, Martel, YSG but if you do not have them you can use Pelagius, Hermann, Sun Tzu. Every commander that has garrison talent is good.

If you do not know what is the best commander for defending you can check our Tier list where you can see what are the best rise of kingdoms commander for defending cities.

To get more boost you can count players, get attack or defense rune, and use an attack or defense item. If you are a low power player you can always ask your alliance members to help you.

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