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Have you been struggling with the Sunset Canyon game in Rise of Kingdoms and could use some guidance? Worry no more, because here are some tips and tricks for all of you which will be very helpful and be of great value for the sunset canyon game mode of the rise of kingdoms.

In this article, we will discuss the summary of Sunset Canyon, the commanders you should use, and basically everything you need to know to go about the game. So read carefully, because this could help you make full use of this fantastic game mode. 

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Sunset Canyon is gameplay mode in Rise of Kingdoms where you duel other players for ranking and rewards. All players will have the same amount of Tier 3 troops and only commanders gear, skill and talent tree will take effect.

In Sunset Canyon, you can set up your defense and attack formation. You have 10 possible slots to put troops. Now, this is very important because you want to have tanking commanders in front and nuking commanders behind.

Let’s begin by talking about the gameplay of Sunset Canyon. In order to earn rating points, the governors have to compete with each other and gain some rewards. There will be five free attempts for the challenge each day for every Governor. If a governor wants an extra attempt, then it would cost him one more challenge Ticket. After finishing the daily targets, the challenge tickets will be gathered and can be recovered by the ending of the season. Also, the winning Governor will gain points, while the losing Governor will begin to lose some points by the end of each challenge. According to the points collected, the day-to-day prizes can be claimed by each Governor. At the ending of each season, the points will reset, and the Governors can take their prizes according to the position. 

This can happen after every seven days as each canyon season ends. As soon as a new episode begins, governors have to finish one Sunset Canyon Competition in order to gain a preliminary position and take part in the rankings of the season. Apart from the commander levels, strengths, and things, other buffs won’t take any effect in the season canyon challenge.

Save all you extra tickets for last day so you can push the ranking.

Rise Of Kingdoms Sunset Canyon

The biggest problem is that most of the pay to win players will be in the first place. They have a lot of good gear, commanders and high VIP that will give them extra tickets for the Sunset canyon in ROK.

My advice for free to play plays and small spenders is that you do it before reset. Before the reset, most of the pay to win players will do their sunset canyon and you will be able to get a higher rank. If you do it after reset you will be targeted by them.

Rise Of Kingdoms Sunset Canyon Commander Guide

Best Commanders to use in Sunset Canyon

Now, let’s talk about the best Rise of Kingdoms commanders that you should use in this particular game mode of the rise of kingdoms. 

The best legendary commander in the rise of kingdoms is, no doubt, Sun Tzu. Joan of the Arc is his primary contender. Sun Tzu and Joan of the Arc are best to be your first skill commanders. Joan of the Arc is outstanding on the battlefield, and in the sunset canyon; she was great in the expedition too, and she gives you an advantage of twenty five-speed together. Using this pair would be very useful when you are playing sunset canyon. 

Followed by Joan of Arc is Boudica; with her fantastic rage engine on her, she makes a great commander. She is very powerful and is another strong option for you to use in the Sunset Canyon. 

Commanders like Sun Tzu, Richard, and so many others will struggle in sunset canyon because they are all Cavalry commanders and hence will not have the skills to be valuable in this particular game. 

You should also ensure that you use epic commanders because they are the most powerful; legendary commanders are not as powerful as epic. If you want to use any legendary commander, it should be Aetheflaed. I will elaborate more on why this is the case later in the article. 

We have a guide with the best ROK Commanders Pairing that will help you to find the best combo that is possible to make with commanders that you have.

How to go about the challenges

Now, we will discuss some of the challenge rules of sunset canyon. It would be best if you keep these rules in mind in order to go about the game with ease and without feeling too confused. 

Each Governor may dispatch five armies. The troop’s layout has to be done immediately. The troops have to be placed in one square of the eight squares by the governors.

The front row targets will be attacked by the troops first, and then the behind ones will be attacked, and then the troops can hit the nearest target. The winner is the one who hits all its enemies at a given time. If the game ends in a tie, the side with the largest number of remaining troops will become victorious.  When there is a smaller number of damage retained by the army, they will be less damaged. 

Front row attack rules: the commander at the front row will emphasize upon fighting with those that are in front of them. When no troops are at the front row, the next step is to target the next one.  

Tips and Tricks on Sunset Canyon

Now that we have talked about the gameplay and other details of the game mode Sunset Canyon, let’s go over some tips and tricks on maximizing value and rewards from this game. 

Level up your commanders

First of all, you should make sure that your commanders have been leveled up. Temple and farm guardians are the best choice for Sunset Canyon because they give you a free experience. Second, you should ensure that you use the tomes early in the game so that you can be ahead while you are playing sunset canyon. And don’t worry, because you will have more than enough tomes to spend at that point in the game. So don’t hold back, and use your tomes so that you can be ahead of everyone else and do well in this game. 

High-Level Commanders 

The next tip is to make sure that you prioritize using high level commanders over high skilled commanders. So let’s see which commander pairings make the most sense in this regard. 

It is more valuable to have a commander with a higher level than one that has good skills. Let me tell you which high level commanders you should be using in the game. Start your game with Lohar, as he has an insane rage generation and has talent builds that are very valuable for sunset canyon. By pairing him with Julius Caesar, you will see that this is the best combination. This is mainly because they both have sufficiently high levels in the initial stages of the game. 

Emphasize on Epic Commanders 

It would be best if you mainly focused on using epic commanders in this game, as that is the best course of action and will bring a lot of value. In terms of legendary commander, only one is worthwhile, which is Aetheflaed, because you can’t go wrong with investing in her. Especially this is the case if you are a free to play player. So to summarize, focus on epics and Aetheflaed. It is important to note at this point the order in which the commanders are most to least powerful. This is Epic, Legendary, Elite and Advanced. This is for context for newer players so that you understand why I am saying you should focus on epic commanders.

Saving your tickets for the final day

You should remember that saving your sunset canyon tickets for the final day of the expedition is ideal. This is because you can use all of your vouchers on that day and will easily be able to achieve your goal at that point. This way, you can get anything you need through the vouchers and finally get all the equipment and bonuses and whatever you were hoping to achieve by playing this game!

Level 22 City Hall

This is an important tip because it allows you to have five marches simultaneously. City Hall 22 will help you get to the top 50 or 100 in the rise of kingdoms even as a free to play player. So you should make sure to get to city hall every chance you get! This tip is not only for sunset canyon but just a general tip throughout the game. You should always go to City Hall level 22. 


You should also make sure that you keep a check on your defense every now and then. This is because you have to manually put the updated dispatches in your defense whenever your commanders level up. 


As you can see, Sunset Canyon is a pretty exciting game mode in rise of kingdoms. As long as you use the correct combination of commanders, go about the challenges properly, remember the tips and tricks and put your time and energy into the game, playing sunset canyon will be very valuable for you. 

So if you were previously confused about how to use play this game in the most efficient manner, I hope that this guide could give you some more clarity on how to go about the sunset canyon game mode in the rise of kingdoms. 

So when you play this game, you should remember to use the commander pairings and tips and tricks that I have mentioned above so that you can reap the benefits of sunset canyon. Do not forget to get free stuff from Rise Of Kingdoms Redeem Codes.

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